Spain: PROI COMUNICACIÓN SL C/ Cerro del Aire 8, 3 P-4303 28221 Majadahonda, Madrid
Telephone: +34 91 227 60 07 Mobile: +34 609 40 22 14 Skype: monica.l.s. (Mónica López)
Mobile: 00 506 877 571 33 Skype: ngomis (Nella Gomis)

PROI is a very well known distribution company in the Spanish TV market that has been operating since 2001. As part of it's phylosophy, Proi is constanly searching for quality productions as well as contents of all kinds of genres to satisfy our clients' demand. Among our clients, we have the main TV channels broadcasting in our territory, and we also handle rights for video on demand, mobile, internet, and home video. We acquire content from companies from all over the world to license to broadcasters mainly in Spain and Portugal, but also for other territories. Therefore we have a wide catalogue achieved over the years with great documentary productions with more than 1000 hours, films and animation; we are constantly looking for new and interesting products. As far as worldwide rights, we represent the Spanish documentary producer ALGOGAR, with all it's wildlife HD productions.

In order to internationalize the Spanish content, we attend annually to the major markets woldwide. Recently, we have partnered up with an agent on the american continent, which let us know the necessities and productions that are generated from that area within our industry.

It is a satisfaction for our company to have the trust and reliance from the producers, distributors, and our clients. We are constantly looking for new and interesting products with the commitment of maintaining high levels of quality in our service and our products.